The Tokai Japan Canada Society (TJCS)

In the heart of Japan’s Tokai region, a unique organization thrives, embodying the spirit of international friendship and cooperation. The Tokai Japan Canada Society (TJCS), established in November 2004, has become a pivotal force in fostering social, cultural, and commercial ties between Canada and the Tokai region, encompassing Aichi, Gifu, Mie, and Shizuoka prefectures.

Mission and Vision The TJCS, a not-for-profit entity, emerged from a desire to create a robust community among Canadians in Japan and to strengthen the relations between Canada and the Tokai region. Its mission is multifaceted: promoting social interaction, fostering a sense of community, and organizing events that span social, cultural, and business realms.

Origins and History The inception of TJCS can be traced back to early 2004 when a group of Canadians, in consultation with the Canadian Consul, envisioned a society that could serve as a bridge between their homeland and their life in Japan. Officially established later that year, TJCS has since been a testament to the power of collaboration and shared vision.

Activities and Impact TJCS organizes a variety of functions and events, each designed to enhance mutual understanding and cooperation. From cultural festivals to business networking events, the society offers a platform where Canadians, Japanese, and other nationals can connect and learn from each other.

Supporting the Canadian Consulate A cornerstone of TJCS’s operation is its support for the Canadian Consulate in Nagoya. This partnership is vital for providing business and commercial support to its members and facilitates improving cultural and social awareness within the Tokai region.

Membership and Community Involvement TJCS welcomes Canadians, Japanese, and other individuals interested in Canadian culture or business. By joining the society, members gain access to a network of like-minded individuals and contribute to the growing tapestry of cultural exchange.

Contact and Further Information For those interested in learning more about TJCS or becoming a part of its vibrant community, information is readily available through their website and social media platforms. The society’s commitment to fostering international relationships is not just a mission; it’s a celebration of cross-cultural friendship and collaboration.

The TJCS is a non-profit organization that creates opportunities for its members to develop greater social, cultural, and commercial relations between Canadians, Japanese, and other foreign nationals living in the Tokai region.

The Tokai Japan Canada Society (TJCS)

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