Calling Emergency Services in Nagoya

In Japan, 119 is an emergency number that can be dialed for free from any phone. It connects the caller to the fire and emergency medical services. Unlike other countries, this service only connects to the fire or ambulance services. If you need to contact the police, you must use a separate emergency number, 110. More than 90% of departments in Japan use three-way call services to communicate in English and other foreign languages. A three-way call service allows an emergency caller, a translator, and an emergency operator to communicate simultaneously on the same phone call. So you can most likely call and ask for English and get someone, but it will take more time. Communicating in Japanese will speed things up for you.

The emergency operator needs to know your location to send help. Landline phones provide an address, but cellular phones don’t. The operator will likely confirm the automatically generated address if calling from a landline phone, but you will need to communicate your location if not.

firekaji desu
car accidentjidousha jiko desu
ambulancekyuu kyuu desu
policekeisatsu desu
please call an ambulance!kyuu kyuu sha o yonde kudasai
Please call the fire department!shobosha o yonde kudasai
please call the police!keisatsu o yonde kudasai
bleedingshukketsu desu
broken bonekoussetsu desu
burnhidoi yakedo desu
difficulty breathingkokyuu konnan desu
convulsionskeiren desu
chest painsmune ga taihen kurushii desu
high feverkou netsu desu
injurykega desu
poisondokubutsu desu
sickbyouki desu
unconsciousishiki fumei desu

Image: Ypy31, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons