Getting a Scooter License in Nagoya

Obtaining a scooter or moped license can be a practical and efficient option for those residing outside Nagoya’s city center or far from subway lines. With a scooter license, Nagoya residents can easily navigate the city and surrounding areas. Obtaining a scooter license in Nagoya involves several steps, including completing written and practical driving tests. Once the tests are passed, applicants can get their license and enjoy the freedom and convenience of riding a scooter.

Eligibility for Moped  or Scooter License

  • Residency Requirement: Must have a registered address in Aichi Prefecture.
  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 16 years old.

Procedure Times

  • Days of Operation: Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays).
  • Application Hours: 8:45 AM – 10:00 AM. (Note: Closed on weekends, national holidays, and December 29 to January 3).

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Purchase a Revenue Stamp: Available at the license center.
  2. Register for the Test: Complete the necessary forms.
  3. Undergo an Aptitude Test: Assess suitability for moped operation.
  4. Take the Knowledge Test: A written examination.
  5. Receive Test Results: Announced shortly after the test.
  6. Attend a Moped Lecture Course: Required for successful candidates.
  7. License Issuance: Receive your moped license upon successful completion of all steps.

Required Documents

  • First-Time Applicants:
    • Application Form (available at the revenue stamp counter).
    • Identification Documents:
      • Residence Certificate (Jūminhyō) without Individual Number.
      • For foreign nationals: A valid passport.
      • Additional ID: Health insurance certificate, Individual Number Card, Residence Card, etc.
    • 2 Recent Photographs (3cm x 2.4cm).
    • License Revocation Lecture Course Completion Certificate (if applicable).
    • Fees: Test (1,500 Yen), Moped lecture course (4,500 Yen), Issuance (2,050 Yen, only for successful examinees).
  • Repeat Applicants:
    • Test Registration Card and Notification of Result/Application Form.
    • Current Japanese Driver’s License (if held).
    • It required fees and documents as listed for first-time applicants.

Items to Bring to the Test

  • Black Ballpoint Pen.
  • Glasses/Contact Lenses: If needed for vision.
  • Appropriate Clothing: Long-sleeved top, long pants, and sneakers are recommended.

Test Details

  • Times:
    • 9:30 AM Test (Results at 10:40 AM, License issue at 14:00).
    • 10:30 AM Test (Results at 13:00, License issue at 16:40).
  • Content: 46 written and two illustrated questions, to be completed in 30 minutes.
  • Passing Criteria: A score of 90 points or higher.

Additional Information

  • Japanese Driving License: Valid for 50cc motorbikes and mopeds.
  • International Licenses: Not valid for motorbikes, including 50cc mopeds, unless licensed explicitly for motorbikes.
  • Procedure for Unsuccessful Candidates: They may retake the test another day using the Notification of Result and Application Form.

Cost and Time

  • A 50cc scooter license is relatively affordable and requires about half a day.
  • A motorcycle license, by contrast, is significantly more expensive and time-consuming, especially for larger engine sizes.

Obtaining a driving license in Japan is a relatively straightforward process, particularly for those who already possess a regular driving license. If not, once you have passed both tests, you will be issued a Japanese scooter license, allowing you to ride legally on the roads of Nagoya and beyond. I wish you all the best for your driving journey. Remember always to ride safely.


Hirabari, also known as the Aichi Prefectural Police Driver’s License Center, is an important facility for individuals seeking to obtain or renew their driver’s license in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This center provides various services related to driver licensing and is essential for local residents and foreigners residing in the area.

Aichi Prefectural Police Driver’s License Center: “Hirabari”

3 Chome-605 Hirabariminami, Tempaku Ward, Nagoya, Aichi 468-8513 (map)

Khaosaming, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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