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ByLike Nagoya Admin Oct 16, 2021

Japan’s dip in COVID-19 cases baffles experts as winter ‘nightmare’ remains a risk

Japan’s COVID-19 case numbers have plummeted to the lowest in nearly a year just as other parts of Asia are struggling with surging infections...

ByLike Nagoya Admin Oct 15, 2021

Japan’s new ministers vow bold action for pandemic-hit economy

Japan's new finance and economy ministers vowed on Tuesday to take bold policy action to revitalise the pandemic-hit economy, a sign that fisc...

ByLike Nagoya Admin Oct 14, 2021

Tomoko Yoshino becomes first female chief of Japan’s largest labor body

Tomoko Yoshino on Wednesday became the first female chief of Rengo, Japan’s largest labor organization, after her promotion from vice presiden...

ByLike Nagoya Admin Oct 13, 2021

Japan has the lowest percentage of women studying science: OECD report

The organization’s latest annual report shows that in 2019, Japan had the lowest percentage of women studying science among the 36 member coun...

ByLike Nagoya Admin Oct 12, 2021

64% fully vaccinated in Japan

More than 64 percent of the population in Japan has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. (NHK) Source

ByLike Nagoya Admin Oct 8, 2021

Inside Osaka’s WORST Love Hotels

Me And Chris Broad go across one of Japan's Wackiest Cities, Osaka, to explore all the different Love Hotel's they have to offer. Some are AWF...

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