From Shinkansen to Sashimi: Nagoya’s Meieki and Nagoya Station

Meieki is the area surrounding Nagoya Station and a bustling hub in the heart of Nagoya, known for its towering skyscrapers and rich cultural tapestry. Anchoring this dynamic district is Nagoya Station, the world’s largest station building by area, which is not just a transit point but a gateway to myriad experiences. No matter where you are trying to go, Nagoya Station is an excellent start to your journey and a great place to meet people coming in from around the Chubu Region conveniently.

Transportation in Meieki is a breeze with extensive rail connections. The Tokaido Main Line, Chuo Main Line, and Kansai Main Line provide easy access to most regional destinations, while the Tokaido Shinkansen connects to major cities across Japan. The Aonami Line extends westwards, and the Higashiyama and Sakura-dori subway lines ensure seamless urban navigation.

Beyond its impressive transport links, Meieki is a melting pot of experiences. Begin exploring the historic Yanagibashi Fish Market, offering a glimpse into Japan’s rich culinary heritage. For dining, Meieki’s diverse palate ranges from traditional Japanese izakayas like Kabuto, serving unique dishes, to the New York-style burgers at The Corner Hamburger & Saloon.

Socialize at expat-friendly haunts like Pub Arco, where the Irish-inspired ambiance and whiskey collection promise a cozy evening. Retail therapy is unparalleled here, with department stores like JR Nagoya Takashimaya offering everything from luxury brands to high-quality foods, not to mention the breathtaking city views from the Panorama Salon.

Landmarks such as the Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers and the iconic Nana-Chan mannequin add a quirky charm to Meieki, embodying the district’s blend of modernity and tradition.

Whether you’re here for transit, exploration, or leisure, Meieki in Nagoya offers a comprehensive and vibrant urban experience, seamlessly marrying the convenience of modern life with the allure of traditional Japan.

Nagoya Station

Meitetsu Train Lines Nagoya Main Line: Meieki is connected regionally via these lines.

  • Nagoya Main Line: Connects to Ichinomiya, Meitetsu Gifu, and other destinations. Offers Rapid Limited Express, Limited Express, Express, and Semi Express services.
  • Inuyama Line: Provides access to Inuyama, Kakamigahara, and Hiromi.Services include Rapid Limited Express, Limited Express, Express, and Semi Express.
  • Kowa Line: Stops include Ōtagawa, Takayokosuka, Kagiya-Nakanoike, Minami Kagiya, Yawata-shinden, Tatsumigaoka, Shirasawa, Sakabe, Agui, Uedai, Handaguchi, Sumiyoshichō, and Chita Handa.
  • Utsumi Line (part of the Chita New Line): Connects Utsumi Station in Minamichita, Chita District, Aichi Prefecture, with Fuki Station. Serves stations such as Chita Handa, Ōtagawa, and Meitetsu Nagoya.

JR Train Lines: Meieki is well-connected nationally via the JR lines

  • Tokaido Main Line: This line connects you to destinations like Toyohashi, Taketoyo, Gifu, and Ogaki, with limited express services to Fukui, Kanazawa, Gero, Takayama, and Toyama.
  • Chuo Main Line: It provides access to Tajimi and Nakatsugawa, with some trains also connecting to Matsumoto and Nagano.
  • Kansai Main Line: Ideal for travel to Kuwana, Yokkaichi, and Kameyama, with the rapid Mie service extending to Matsusaka, Iseshi, and Toba.
  • Tokaido Shinkansen: This high-speed line connects Nagoya to major cities like Tokyo, Shizuoka, Shin-Osaka, and Hakata​​.

Aonami Line: The Aonami Line in Nagoya runs from Nagoya Station to Kinjo-Futo Station.

  • A convenient option for reaching Arako and Kinjo-futo, situated west of the JR Central Lines on the Inazawa Line​​. This is how you get to the regional immigration office, Legoland, and the Port Messe Nagoya convention and exhibition center.

Subway: Meieki is also integrated with the Nagoya Municipal Subway, offering access to the following:

  • Higashiyama Line: Connecting to Sakae, Higashiyama Koen, Fujigaoka, Nakamura Koen, and Takahata.
  • Sakura-Dori Line: Facilitating travel to Imaike, Aratamabashi, Nonami, and Tokushige, with the terminal station at Taiko-dori​​.

Nryate, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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