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Like Nagoya promotes a vibrant foreign community in the Chubu/Nagoya area that offers an alternative to the bar scene, gives people an opportunity to make friends outside of their work-centered worlds, and introduces them to the many interesting places, people, and sites in the Chubu region.


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New Year’s Celebrations: Oshogatsu

The New Year’s, or “Shōgatsu,” is Japan’s most significant holiday, akin to Christmas in the West. The nation pauses for a few days, allowing people to gather with families and partake in age-old traditions. Here’s a glimpse into some of these customs, with a particular focus on practices prevalent in the Nagoya area.

Castles in Gifu

Gifu Castle Gifu Castle is a magnificent historical monument atop Mount Kinka, offering breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding natural beauty. It is a testament to Japan’s feudal history and

Airsoft in Nagoya

What is Airsoft Airsoft is a recreational activity that has gained immense popularity worldwide. It offers enthusiasts a blend of strategy, teamwork, and physical endurance. Airsoft originated in Japan during