Scouting in Nagoya

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Scouting in Nagoya

When Lord Baden Powell published the first edition of ‘Scouting for Boys, a guidebook of survival techniques he learned during the Second Boer War and adapted for Britain’s youth, he sparked a worldwide phenomenon. Although the Scouting movement has become very different from what he may have imagined it to be (I’m not quite sure […] Source H&R Group K.K.

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Sarah RummePosted on8:20 am - Sep 6, 2021

Hi Like Nagoya!
Thank you for introducing the scouting program in Nagoya! We are getting ready for a new scout year with lots of activities planned. Of course, Covid-19 is on our mind so leaders and parents are working to make sure the scouts and participants will be safe.
The Cub/Boy Scout website has changed. Would it be possible for you to revise the url in your website?
Thank you!
Sarah Rumme
Unit 758

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