Old Skool Hip Hop Night in Nagoya

old-school-hip-hopDJ Scrying is Like Nagoya’s Old Skool Hip Hop master blaster. He pumps out the old school jams until last train and beyond, every other month or whenever we feel like putting it out there.  Drop by for a show, there is gonna be some singing and dancing, a bitta boozing, and if it all goes well somebody gonna get naked.

What is “Old Skool” Hip Hop?

The old school hip hop of this event refers not only to the general definition of Old School, (hip hop music from between 1979–1984), but also to later hits from 1985 to let’s say til around Biggie and Pac died.. While style and technique changed from roughly 1984 to create a natural stopping point for the Genre, we use the liberal definition described above, and like to play music based on themes, only dead rappers, for example.

Who is DJ Scrying?

Originally from Chicago, DJ Scrying has been mixing since 2008 and in that time has become a fixture in the Nagoya dance community, regularly performing at events like Sterophonic’s Absolute Halloween and the “Sexy Parties,” not to mention being the co-host with SoulKitchen of a popular monthly show held at Shooters Sports Bar in Fushimi. DJ Scrying is down to spin anytime, anywhere for anyone, in any genre. “I do the work to understand music, and I love to rock a party. I want to get out there and play for people, bring music out there, bring people to music. Getting paid for it just adds to the fun.”

Bookings: scrying(at)gmail.com Jams: https://www.mixcloud.com/scrying

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