Oasis 21: A Blend of Culture, Commerce, and Community

Oasis 21, fondly called “Spaceship Aqua” due to its futuristic design, is an architectural and cultural landmark in Sakae, Nagoya, which opened on October 11, 2002. This unique structure, with a water-covered top, not only provides a picturesque view of Central Park and the Nagoya Television Tower but also represents modern design and sustainability in architecture. The visually striking water feature contributes to the building’s energy efficiency.

The complex beneath this water-laden “spaceship” is a hub for shopping and dining. It houses a variety of stores and restaurants, including international brands like Starbucks and McDonald’s, alongside a sushi bar, a Chinese restaurant, and other retail outlets like an NHK character shop. These establishments cater well to locals and international visitors, reflecting the cosmopolitan nature of Nagoya.

Oasis 21 truly comes alive at night, transforming into a luminous spectacle. The combination of its lighting and the glow of the nearby Nagoya TV Tower creates an enchanting environment, perfect for evening strolls or photography. The space also serves as a versatile venue for cultural events. It’s known for hosting various activities, from World Cosplay Summits and hip-hop dance competitions to concerts and seasonal festivals. The area’s adaptability makes it a cultural hub that reflects the vibrant urban lifestyle of Nagoya.

Additionally, the Morning Farmers Market held every Saturday adds to the community feel of the place. It features locally grown foods and presents an opportunity to interact with local producers, promoting a sense of community. Oasis 21’s location next to Sakae Station underscores its role as a central meeting point in the city. This accessibility enhances its appeal as a communal space and makes it an ideal starting point for a city tour.

Furthermore, its proximity to cultural institutions like the Aichi Arts Museum allows visitors to effortlessly combine a shopping and dining experience with a cultural excursion, making a trip to Oasis 21 a multifaceted experience. Oasis 21 is more than just an architectural wonder; it’s a dynamic part of Nagoya’s urban landscape, blending commerce, culture, and community to appeal to a diverse audience, from local residents to international tourists.

Oasis 21

Where: Oasis 21, 1 Chome-11-1 Higashisakura, Higashi Ward (map)


Nryate, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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