MBprints T-shirt Print Shop

Mike Bagley is the President of MBprints, a Nagoya business specializing in custom t-shirt printing. They offer various garments for individual and bulk orders, such as hoodies, polos, caps, and more. The company provides various printing techniques, including screen printing, vinyl transfers, and direct-to-garment printing. MBprints emphasizes quality and uses top ink brands to ensure the best outcome for their customers. They offer a streamlined ordering process from garment selection to delivery, including customization options and special pricing for bands and schools. Free shipping within specific regions in Japan is available for orders over a certain amount.

In addition to t-shirt printing, MBprints also offers other services such as t-shirt and logo design, graphic art support, event fliers and poster design, event planning and support, and networking. They are a full-service textile t-shirt print shop that delivers custom and original printed silk screen t-shirts, polos, hoodies (pull-over, parka), jackets, bags, and many other printable items, with full English support.MBprints is a business based in Japan that specializes in custom t-shirt printing and offers a wide range of garments such as hoodies, polos, caps, and more for individual and bulk orders.

They offer English service in addition to Japanese.

MBprints T-shirt Shop




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