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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 6, 2021

Mayor of Nagoya in hot water for biting local athlete’s gold medal

Maybe he was just teething.

Even watching the 2020 Olympics infrequently like our super-fan Seiji has been, it’s easy to spot a gold medal winner sticking their prize in their mouths on the podium. It’s an odd tradition that is said to stem from a test to see if it is really gold, but nowadays is attributed to photographers egging athletes on to do it in order to get a nice shot.

▼ Gold medals are really just recycled gold-plated silver

In fact, we’re probably seeing it more often this time because there are no roaring crowds to drown out these requests from the press, and regardless of its origins, it remains a custom of elite athletes and them alone.

▼ Of course, a lot of athletes aren’t about to scuff up a prize as rare as that, so they just sort of pretend to bite it

That’s why when Mayor Takashi Kawamura of Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture decided to bite down on a gold medal, it sparked a backlash across the country.

The incident occurred on the morning of 4 August when Miu Goto was visiting the City Hall of her hometown in celebration of winning the gold in women’s softball. After speaking with the mayor and other officials, Kawamura and the 20-year-old star pitcher held a press conference together.

At one point the mayor asked if he could see the medal and Goto agreed, placing it around his neck like one might at a ceremony before the pandemic hit. Soon after, Mayor Kawamura pulled down his mask and took a big chomp of the medal, possibly playing into the whole ceremony pantomime.

▼ News report on the bite heard round the country

Public outrage was fast and furious with almost unanimous condemnation of the way Mayor Kawamura overstepped his bounds, especially in the current health crisis.

“Gross! Please disinfect that thing as soon as possible.”
“Who bites other people’s things?”
“She worked so hard to get that…”
“I hope she can get that medal exchanged, and the people of Nagoya can get their mayor exchanged.”
“Goto must have the patience of Gandhi to not just smack the guy.”
“That could easily scratch the medal. Even athletes usually just pretend to bite it.”
“That is an embarrassment of a mayor.”
“Unbelievable! Can you imagine how she must have felt?”

To shed some light on that last question, Mizuki Fujii, who won a silver in badminton in the 2012 London Games, said that it happened to her at the time and while she understood the person was just trying to be funny, the act shocked her and nearly drove her to tears.

Her feelings were shared with other athletes who spoke out on social media under the hashtag #選手にリスペクトを (“Respect Athletes”).

“Wha? I watched the video and I heard a ‘clink’ of his teeth hitting the medal. I treat my gold medal so delicately I can’t imagine how big Goto’s heart is that she wouldn’t get angry. I would have cried.”
Naohisa Takato (Judo, Tokyo 2020)

“I don’t know the situation or the relationship between those two, but besides the disrespect to the athlete, why would you bite someone else’s property in the middle of a pandemic? Even at the ceremony we have to put the medals on ourselves for infection control. Sorry, I just don’t get what he was doing.”
Yuki Ohta (Fencing, London 2012, Beijing 2008)

“If he bit [my medal]…well, I better not say.”
Aaron Wolf (Judo, Tokyo 2020)

It even has some people wondering if criminal charges for destruction of property could be filed. Lawyer Yoshitaka Miura tweeted that criminal destruction of property charges could stick if it was proven that the medal was rendered useless as a result, but a civil matter would be more likely. He also said that in such a situation, Goto would have been within her legal rights to punch Kawamura the moment he bit the medal, adding: “In conclusion, she should have punched him.”

So, it certainly looks like a public apology is on the way from Mayor Kawamura’s office, though judging by the reaction it’s going to be a hard sell. On the day of the incident he briefly said sorry and that he got carried away, but that minute apology fell on deaf ears. It even prompted Toyota Motor Corp. which is headquartered in neighboring Toyota City to issue a statement denouncing his actions – and everyone knows that when Toyota takes the time to say you screwed up, you really screwed up.

It reminds me of what my father used to say: “You can bite your things and you can bite your friends, but never bite your friend’s things.” I never really knew what that meant until now.

Source: CBC News, Daily Sports, Hachima Kiko, Twitter/@lawkus, Twitter/#選手にリスペクト
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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 6, 2021

Japanese mayor under fire for biting Olympian’s gold medal

An outspoken central Japan mayor has faced a barrage of criticism for abruptly biting the Olympic gold medal won by a member of the Japanese women’s softball team at a celebratory event, with the act described as “lacking respect” for her and “insensitive” amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Nikkei)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 6, 2021

Japanese prefectural governors to seek restraint over summer travel

The National Governors’ Association on Sunday discussed a proposal for the government to ask the public to avoid summer holiday travel across prefectural borders, including trips to their parents’ homes during the Bon holidays, to help prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. (Japan Times)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 6, 2021

Hiroshima marks 76 years since atomic bombing

Friday marks 76 years since the US atomic bombing of Hiroshima in western Japan. An annual ceremony will begin in the city’s Peace Memorial Park at 8 a.m. (NHK)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 5, 2021

Famous manga artist gives out advice on how to draw breasts to celebrate Boob Day

Fairy Tail’s Hiro Mashima wanted to make sure his fans learned a useful skill this Oppai Day.

Manga creator Hiro Mashima is a busy man. Sure, his biggest hit to date, Fairy Tail, wrapped up a few years ago, but he still handles the writing and storyboarding for its sequel series, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, and that’s in addition to writing and drawing his current weekly manga, Edens Zero.

But Mashima still took the time recently to give aspiring artists a bit of useful drawing advice and celebrate one of Japanese Twitter’s quasi-holidays by sending out a special tweet for Boob Day, which comes on August 1 (since in Japanese 8 can be read as “pa” and 1 as “i,” making the date 8-1 look like pai, an abbreviation of oppai (”boobs”).

Since Mashima was gracious enough to share his wisdom, let’s dive face-first into his explanation. “It seems that today is Oppai Day,” he tweets, “so here’s a tip for beginner-level artists! Depending on the angle the character is standing at, the appearance of her clothing should change.”

Specifically, Mashima is talking about clothing with a wide or plunging neckline, such as bikini tops, cocktail dresses, tank tops, and bras. If the character is being drawn straight-on, each breast can be rendered identically, but if her torso is rotated to one side, the artwork needs to be adjusted. For example, if the character has her left shoulder forward and her right one back, the central area of exposed skin on her right breast should be comparatively wide, with a comparatively thin strip of fabric covering up the outside edge of the chest area. Meanwhile, there should be a narrower section of exposed skin between the center of her chest and the part of her top covering the left breast.

In Mashima’s tweet, the torso illustrations on the left follow this rule, resulting in natural, eye-pleasing aesthetics. On the other hand, in the drawing on the right marked with “NG” (Japanese shorthand for “no good”), Mashima hasn’t widened the area of exposed skin between the center of the character’s chest and the fabric covering the right breast. This awkwardly makes it look like the right cup of the top uses more fabric than the left, and by comparison that the right breast is larger than the left one.

“A lot of people have a tendency to draw like this,” Mashima says of the NG example, “and even I do it by accident sometimes.” Still, it’s a pitfall you’ll need to avoid if you want to draw visually pleasing breasts (definitely an in-demand skill in the anime/manga world), and a number of appreciative commenters showed their gratitude with:

“Ah, so that’s how you do it (takes notes).”
“Definitively the kind of tip a lot of people want, and I’ll be making good use of it. Thank you!”
“Love Mashima-sensei’s art, and I really appreciate this.”
“Very convincing advice.”

There’s one thing we can’t help wondering, though: before sharing this boob-drawing tip with his Twitter followers, did Mashima share it with the president of France?

Source: Twitter/@hiro_mashima via Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@hiro_mashima
Top image: Pakutaso
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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 5, 2021

Vegetarian and Vegan Food in Nagoya

As you are no doubt well aware, Japanese food rates among the best in the world. However, if you are vegan or even vegetarian, you may struggle to have your needs catered for. Many vegetarians have found themselves offered the ‘vegetarian; option’ in a restaurant, only to discover that it contains seafood or fish. Even […] Source H&R Group K.K.

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 4, 2021

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

The Toyota Motor Organization is one of the keystones of Japan’s world-renowned manufacturing industry, and since 1926, Toyota has been the byword for Japanese excellence and innovation. Much of this innovation took place right here in Aichi Prefecture, from the initial plant in the city that came to bear the corporation’s name to what has […] Source H&R Group K.K.

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 3, 2021

Japan to tighten border controls on visitors from 3 U.S. states, Finland

The Japanese government said Monday it will tighten border controls for travelers from three U.S. states, Finland and some other areas in response to the spread of highly contagious variants of the novel coronavirus. (Kyodo)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 3, 2021

Cycle Routes Near Nagoya

With the Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France already done and Vuelta e Espana soon to come, you may be feeling inspired to get on your road bike and put some kilometers in your legs. However, living in the middle of the city, you may feel like there is nowhere to go; we are […] Source H&R Group K.K.

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Aug 2, 2021

Japanese life expectancy at all-time high

The average life expectancy in Japan reached record highs for both men and women last year. (NHK)