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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 16, 2021

Japan’s main opposition party vows to realize separate surname option

Japan’s main opposition on Monday vowed to give couples the option of keeping their surnames separate after marriage among other reform proposals ahead of the general election.
Yukio… Source Japan Today

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 15, 2021

Japan considering adding charges for plastic convenience store utensils, hotel hangers, and more


I guess my days of plastic spoon-hoarding days are now over.


If there’s one thing folks living in Japan will notice, it’s the amount of plastic involved in everything. From individually wrapped goodies to how almost every convenience store purchase comes with a plastic bag, there seems to be an excess of plastic packaging, which honestly, sometimes doesn’t end up in the right place. In a bid to reduce waste, however, the Japanese government is now looking into the possibility of levying surcharges for specific kinds of plastic products.



ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 14, 2021

How to make a sinfully decadent Apple Pie Bar pie out of Japanese grocery store stuff【SoraKitchen】

We create an apple pie inception that’s as ill-advised as it is appetizing.


ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 13, 2021

New Japanese gadget is like a toaster for instant food pouches, gets you fed in a jiffy


Make warming up instant foods even easier than before!

The Retort-Tei is like a toaster for retort pouches. All you have to do is plug it in, slip the pouch into the slot, turn the dial, and let it do its thing.

So if you’re a regular consumer of ready-made food pouches, you’ll want to look out for them at the end of the year! And if you’ve never tried retort food before, here are some really delicious curry options that we highly recommend.

Source, images: Makuake
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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 10, 2021

Clever Japanese sticker defeats junk mail flyers, lets mail you actually want get through【Photos】

Designers say it’s completely solved their junk mail problems in a delicious way.

Nobody likes getting junk mail, but the question is what makes some mail junk? It’s not simply that you didn’t ask for it. Most of us would be OK, for example, if someone surprised us with a bag of gold coins in our mailbox.

So really, to be junk mail it has to be both something you didn’t ask for and something you don’t want. Going by that definition, the staff at Everyday Sunday (@EVERYDAYSUNDAY_ on Twitter), a home decorations shop in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, came up with an easy way to completely eliminate the junk mail flyers that were jamming up their mailbox, and all they had to do was put one simple sticker on the box.

The sticker reads:

“We refuse all flyers except those from pizza restaurants.
Do not put any other flyers in this mailbox.”

So how has this tactic been working for them? Like a champ, as you can see in this photo of a pizza flyer they got while avoiding any others.

▼ “Does the job. We seriously only get pizza flyers now.”

The tactic is extra feasible in Japan, where a lot of junk mail. Whereas the post office might be legally obligated to deliver paid-for mail to wherever it’s addressed to, in Japan a lot of junk mail is delivered by people hired by local businesses who go around the neighborhood on foot and stuff ads into mailboxes directly, and who could thus be possibly talked out of putting it in your mailbox specifically.

Online commenters have been impressed by the simple but effective tactic, reacting with:

“Pizza flyers are the only ones I’m happy to get.”
“Oh wow, I totally want a sticker like that.”
“It sort of makes your mailbox look like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hideout.”
“I wish I could get some pizza flyers. All the junk mail I get is for real estate agencies or places that want to buy second-hand jewelry.”
“I want a sticker that says ‘Big eater here,’ so that I’ll get all sorts of food delivery flyers. Those really come in handy if you ive by yourself like I do.”

Everyday Sunday itself realizes that some people get cravings for things other than pizza, and also that there are people who have their meal plans sorted out already, and so it’s now got a three-version lineup of anti-junk mail stickers.

▼ Top to bottom: Restaurant/food delivery flyers only, pizza flyers only, and no flyers whatsoever

The stickers can be ordered through Everyday Sunday’s online store here, priced at 600 yen (US$5.45) for the set, a cost you should be able to recover fairly quickly with the coupons on the pizza delivery flyers you allow into your mailbox.

Source: Twitter/@EVERYDAYSUNDAY_ via Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@EVERYDAYSUNDAY_
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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 9, 2021

Apple pie ice cream bars arrive in Japan and they’re superb【Taste test】

We may have to start saying “as Japanese as apple pie bars” from now on….


Editors note, these really are quite good! ~LikeNagoya


Source

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 6, 2021

Tour de Nagoya – See Nagoya in a Day

Summer is a time for cycling, with the Tour de France the world’s most famous race. Of course, there is no equivalent in our fair city of Nagoya, so I thought I would come up with one. But this is not a superhuman challenge of endurance like ‘le Tour,’ but instead a great way to […] Source H&R Group K.K.

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 5, 2021

Scouting in Nagoya

When Lord Baden Powell published the first edition of ‘Scouting for Boys, a guidebook of survival techniques he learned during the Second Boer War and adapted for Britain’s youth, he sparked a worldwide phenomenon. Although the Scouting movement has become very different from what he may have imagined it to be (I’m not quite sure […] Source H&R Group K.K.

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 4, 2021

Japan’s huge army of under-employed ex-housewives

There are plenty of smart, educated women in Japan who could be driving the country out of its current economic slump to a stunning pandemic recovery. (BBC)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Sep 3, 2021

The Bank of Japan is really jazzed up about the new 10,000 yen bill

I guess if they were going to get excited about something, it’d be this.

At a ceremony on 1 September, Minister of Finance and Deputy Prime Minister Taro Aso pushed the button to officially begin printing the country’s newly redesigned 10,000 yen bills. Most noticeable in this new design is that writer Fukuzawa Yukichi has been replaced by economist Shibusawa Eiichi, also known as the “father of Japanese capitalism.”

In addition to the aesthetic changes, several functional adjustments have been added. The bills were given a unique texture to help visually impaired people distinguish them and the numbers are also more prominently printed to help those from outside Japan understand its value at a glance.

Not only that, but the bills carry a “state-of-the-art” hologram that appears to move in 3-D when looked at from different angles. Not sure what makes it so cutting-edge, but if that’s the case then my old Visionaries and Super Naturals figures I had when I was eight were light years ahead of their time.

Either way, revamping physical currency is always a good thing from a security and public service point of view, but perhaps no one was happier about it than The Bank of Japan who announced it in an uncharacteristically chipper tweet:

“Ta-daaaa! The new 10,000 yen bill!”

Sure, it’s far from the zaniest tweet anyone’s posted before, but considering the central bank of Japan’s entire timeline is just a series of links to reports on economic policy and guidelines alone with the title of said report, the sudden appearance of “ta-daaaaa” can be quite jarring.

Most replies to the tweet certainly had a hard time getting over the bank’s unexpected candor.

“‘Ta-daaa’ it ain’t, but okay.”
“The Bank of Japan is getting all giddy.”
“It looks like toy money.”
“Lol, that’s too happy.”
“The font on the ‘10000’ makes it look cheap.”
“Hmm. I’m interested in this design and would like to try it out. Please send me 1,000 of them.”
“Since you have time to Tweet like a teenager, can you get on the whole deflation problem?”
“That font though…”
“How much longer until the Yukichi ones disappear?”

Even the social-media-dwelling otter mascot Chi-tan chimed in to comment on the new look of Japanese currency.

“The new money is cool. I’m looking for the old money now because we have to cherish it.”

Luckily, Chi-tan and everyone else will still have plenty of time to enjoy the current bills. Once the first run of printing is complete, the bills will be used to aid the designers of machines such as ATMS and vending machines so they can properly identify them.

The redesigned 1,000 and 5,000 yen bills will follow a similar roll-out and are scheduled to begin first-printing later this autumn. All banknotes are expected to enter circulation in the first half of 2024, and their magical hologram power will shake the earth!

Source: NHK, My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@Bank_of_Japan_j
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