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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 16, 2021

Japan’s dip in COVID-19 cases baffles experts as winter ‘nightmare’ remains a risk

Japan’s COVID-19 case numbers have plummeted to the lowest in nearly a year just as other parts of Asia are struggling with surging infections, leaving health experts perplexed and raising concerns of a winter rebound. (Japan Times)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 15, 2021

Japan’s new ministers vow bold action for pandemic-hit economy

Japan’s new finance and economy ministers vowed on Tuesday to take bold policy action to revitalise the pandemic-hit economy, a sign that fiscal and monetary stimulus will remain intact under a government led by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. (Reuters)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 14, 2021

Tomoko Yoshino becomes first female chief of Japan’s largest labor body

Tomoko Yoshino on Wednesday became the first female chief of Rengo, Japan’s largest labor organization, after her promotion from vice president was approved at a regular convention. (Japan Times)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 13, 2021

Japan has the lowest percentage of women studying science: OECD report

The organization’s latest annual report shows that in 2019, Japan had the lowest percentage of women studying science among the 36 member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. (

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 12, 2021

64% fully vaccinated in Japan

More than 64 percent of the population in Japan has been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus. (NHK)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 8, 2021

Inside Osaka’s WORST Love Hotels

Me And Chris Broad go across one of Japan’s Wackiest Cities, Osaka, to explore all the different Love Hotel’s they have to offer. Some are AWFUL while others are surprisingly amazing. (CDawgVA)

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 7, 2021

Dozens of cardano users are being investigated for tax evasion in Japan: report

Dozens of cardano network users have been investigated by authorities in Japan for tax evasion, according to a report by media outlet Nikkei on Sunday. (

ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 7, 2021

Ghibli Museum opens online store!

Shop for exclusive Studio Ghibli museum goods at brand new online store.


Back when the pandemic first arrived in Japan in February last year, the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo’s Mitaka was one of the first big tourist sites to temporarily close its doors.

What was meant to be a three-week closure ended up being extended for half a year, and though the museum has since reopened, visitor numbers are down as many people continue to avoid travel and enclosed spaces.


ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 6, 2021

Japanese company creates wooden micro cottages you can tow behind your car【Pics, video】

More stylish than a motorhome, but more motorable than a normal home.

Japanese company Bess builds wooden cottages, and while they can set you up with a full-size two-story house, some of their coolest designs are their Imago micro cabins.

The Imago line was launched in 2016, but sales have taken off during the pandemic, more than doubling between last April and August compared to that same time frame in 2020. As a matter of fact, the Imago cabins have been selling so well recently that Bess is expanding the lineup with two new models, the Imago iter and Imago X.

But looking at the above photo of the Imago X, you might notice that the entrance sits just a little high off the ground. That’s because both it and the Imago iter are mounted on trailers, so you can hitch them to your car and pull them anywhere you’re going that you want your cabin to come with you.

Of the two, the iter is the smaller version, at 3.2 meters (10.5 feet) in length, but the 5.6-meter X is pretty compact too, by cabin standards anyway. That said, there’s plenty of room inside to relax, dine, and sleep in, and the X even lets you set up a front yard-style space with an awning.

The Imago iter (left) has 6.51 square meters (70.1 square feet) of floor space and the Imago X (right) 11.27 square meters.

Bess says the Imago X can be towed by large SUVs, and that even mid-sizes should be able to handle the iter. Because of their weight (roughly 2,300 kilograms [5,071 pounds] for the iter and 3,200 for the X), drivers in Japan will need a type-1 towing license.

Since they don’t have shower or bathroom facilities, the Imago cabins aren’t full-on micro houses. However, the ability to hitch up your cabin and drive off with it whenever you want a change of scenery is a huge plus, and if you’d like to hit the open road while still bringing many of the comforts of home with you, prices start at 3.86 million yen (US$35,410) for the iter and 4.42 million for the X.

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Source, images: PR Times

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ByLike Nagoya Admin Posted Oct 6, 2021

Princess Mako’s marriage plan announced

Japan’s Imperial Household Agency has announced that Princess Mako and her former college classmate Komuro Kei will get married this month. (NHK)