Community Theater Companies in Nagoya

Theatre Iridescence

Shining a Light on Untold Stories

Theatre Iridescence is a multilingual, multicultural theatre company that strives to produce high quality pieces that will resonate with a wide range of audiences. Its creative director is Aya Kawakami, a singer and actor with 30 years of experience on the stage. Alongside a team of seasoned experts, all well known in the Nagoya theatre scene and beyond, Theatre Iridescence aims not only to put forth innovative work but to develop and feature new talent. In this endeavor, Theatre Iridescence aims to create real educational opportunities to those who wish to develop their creative abilities whether it be on the stage or behind the scenes.

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Theatre Iridescence Presents Transit

The Nagoya Players

The Nagoya Players is an English-language, not-for-profit, community theatre group based in central Japan. The group has been staging a wide variety of plays every year since 1975. Members come from many countries and are of all ages.

New members are always welcome! Whether you want to act, direct, design scenery, sound, lighting, props, costumes, make up etc. etc. etc… come and join the fun!

KPB Theatre

KPB Theatre’s mission is to bring inspirational English performances to our diverse community. From large scale musicals to small black box projects, we thrive to take you on exciting journeys and experience whole different cultures through creative theatre.

Our determination to push new boundaries with the arts means we are constantly evolving and looking for fresh ideas to be original and inventive. Be it on the stage, workshops or in the classroom, we believe that English theatre can be both entertaining and educational.

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KPB Theatre

Nameless Theater

Nameless Theatre is a community theater group working under the umbrella of Nagoya based production company Nameless Media and Productions.

Founded in 2004, Nameless is driven by a passion to communicate ideas through engaging and thought provoking stories. So it wasn’t long before they decided to start exploring our passion for that other powerful space for storytelling, the theater.

Bringing together an international team of Nagoya based artists, Nameless’s goal is to bring ambitious, exciting productions to central Japan. By presenting shows with Japanese subtitles their productions can be equally enjoyed by foreign and Japanese patrons alike.

Nameless Theater is a place where anyone, regardless of nationality, can come, learn and participate in the magical experience of simply putting on a great show.

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Nameless Theatre Presents William Shakespeare’s Othello