Art Exhibitions to See in Nagoya – May 2017

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Night Snow, by Utagawa Hirose While not usually considered a cultural heartland of art, like Tokyo, there are actually plenty of great exhibitions to see in the city. Below is our pick of the bunch for this May. Utagawa Hirose – Fifty-Three Stations of the Tôkaidô For anyone who has done a bit of traveling around Japan, or is perhaps planning to do so, this is an absolute must see. Utagawa Hirose (1797 – 1858) is considered to be the last great master of the ukiyo-e medium (wood block printing), and this is seen as being his finest work.

The exhibition shows Utagawa’s impression of the 53 trading stations along the Tôkaidô road that connected the financial capital city of Edo (now Tokyo) with the spiritual capital of Kyoto, with the series becoming the best sold ever ukiyo-e Japanese prints. Even were the the display not enchanting and beautiful in equal measures, it also give the modern viewer a chance to see some locations that they may have visited in a completely different light. Where: Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts (map) When: Until May 14th (Sun),

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Art Exhibitions to See in Nagoya – May 2017
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Art Exhibitions to See in Nagoya – May 2017

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