Aichi’s Amazing Autumn Attractions

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“Koyo mini ikoyo”

If you’re coming to Japan in autumn, and
you have friends to guide you around, use this phrase,….  “Koyo mini ikoyo”.

Use this, and you’ll be treated to some of
the best autumn leaf viewing spots Aichi Prefecture has to offer. Places like Jakkoin,
a 650-year-old temple at the top of a very steep hill in Inuyama, with 320
steps leading to the main precincts. That’s 320 steps, with seven pause points from
the car park at the half-way point! The area was a favorite spot of the warlord
and master of the region, Oda Nobunaga. Particularly in autumn! The 800 or so bright
red and orange trees under a crisp blue Japanese sky is even more breathtaking
than the stairs to the top!



Another great spot to visit is Asuke’s Korankei
Gorge, a deep, ancient valley gouged out by the Tomoe River that flows through
it. The banks of the river are lined with over 4,000 maple trees, and even more
deciduous trees along the many walkways create tunnels of color. At night, the
Korankei Gorge is illuminated, creating a mystical scene. The surrounding
mountains also turn a brilliant fire-engine red, yellow, orange, and vermilion.
Come at the right time, stand in the right place and you can see a rainbow
effect reflected in the river, red, golden yellow, orange, blue and green.
Simply stunning!



Iwayado Koen in Seto City is also famed for
its fall colors, with thousands of trees divided by a gushing river among
spectacular rock formations, gorgeous waterfalls and hiking trails. Late
November is best for this area, and if you can, go on a weekday. Weekends, the
place is PACKED!



One more place that is truly magical is the
Horai-ji Temple on 700m high holy Mt. Horai. The area is a known power spot.
The temple complex is stunning all year round, situated below a sheer cliff
face, but in autumn, it becomes all the more special with some of the most
beautiful leaves in Japan, in abundance! The effect lasts after the leaves fall
too, carpeting the temple grounds and walkways with discarded foliage. Until
you see the colors of Aichi’s Horai-ji area in Horai City in the autumn, you’ll
never know the true meaning of the word “magical”.



Jakkoin Temple in Inuyama, Korankei Gorge
in Asuke, Seto’s Iwayado, or Horaiji’s Horai-ji Temple…these are just a few of
the many great seasonal leaf viewing spots to visit. Wherever you go in Aichi
during the autumn, the scenery will bring a smile to your face, and using the
above mentioned phrase will bring a smile to your Japanese friends’ faces too.

“Koyo mini ikoyo”

a word pun. It means “Let’s go see Autumn leaves!”

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Aichi’s Amazing Autumn Attractions
Original Source: Aichi Now
Aichi’s Amazing Autumn Attractions

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